Wind turbine components and spare parts

Do you need components for your wind turbine? In that case you have arrived at the right place!

We offer a selection of high-quality wind turbine components

At WindTech, we take pride in delivering high-quality wind turbine components and spare parts, available for purchase or acquisition regardless of your location.

We consistently feature our own refurbished wind turbine components and spare parts on this page, sourced directly from our own workshop, previous projects, and reputable suppliers.

This guaranteees you direct access to wind turbine components for a variety of different wind turbines components.


Diverse Selection:
​We feature a large number of generators, gearboxes, main shafts, yaw plates, blades and more. All this for some of the most markets most well-known wind turbine brands and models.

Global Reach:
Whether you're in need of a wind turbine part from our stock or require assistance locating a specific component, our extensive network allows us to fulfill your requirements swiftly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance:
As a WindTech partner, you'll always be receiving components and spare parts of the highest quality. Our refurbished items come with a guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind when you're acquiriring components from us.

No matter which component you need, we can either provide you with one of our own or use our sizeable network to locate the component for you.

As a customer at WindTech, you are always ensured components and spare parts of the highest quality. We naturally provide guarantee on our refurbished components and spare parts.

A picture of refubished and repaired wind turbine components available for interested customers.
A wide variety of newly refurbished, repaired, and available components for interested customers.

We are continuously updating our inventory

Our inventory in Herning is in constant flux, with components often sold or used swiftly. However, our ongoing partnerships with well-known suppliers mean that we can always assist you, no matter your specific needs.

Need help acquiring a specific component?

If you haven't found the exact component you're looking for or you're interested in purchasing one from our selection, don't hesitate to reach out.

With our large industry network we can help you find all your necessary components.

Feel free to contact us via telephone +45 97 33 33 80 or via e-mail