Repair and inspection of wind turbine components

WindTech A/S has many years of experience with both refurbishing and repairing wind turbine components.
With our knowledge and skillset about wind turbines and their main components, we are your perfect partner.

Wind turbines and their wear and tear

Wind turbines are subject to substantial stress and wear throughout their lifetime.

It is from this challenge, that the need for continuous maintenance and refurbishment occurs.

A small amount of wear and tear on a small, damaged part, can over time develop into more serious and more complicated problems. In the worst case-scenario, the wind turbine will experience major damages or a complete breakdown.​

That is why it is imperative that your wind turbine components receive timely maintenance, failure- and wear registration. By working proactively with minor damages and wear, you can ensure your wind turbine an extended life and reduce your total downtime.​

Because of this, WindTech offers fast and efficient inspection of your wind turbine components. If the component has already been damaged, we can also help you repair it.
We have 10+ years of experience in the wind turbine refurbishment and repair industry.
​With this experience and know how, we are wellsuited to assist you with any kind of problem.


Questions about repair and maintenance?

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