Wind Turbine Main Shafts

Certain components might be sold-out or in-loop

Bonus 1.0 and 1.3MW main shaft

Main shaft Bonus/Siemens 1.0 and 1.3 MW

Our main shafts, tailored for Bonus/Siemens 1.0 and 1.3 MW wind turbines, are engineered for durability and precision, ensuring consistent power generation in your wind energy project.

Vestas V42, V44, and V47 main shafts

Main shaft for V42, V44, and V47 – 600/660kW Main shaft for V52 – 850kW Magnaflux tested.

Our main shafts, designed for V42, V44, and V47 (600/660kW), and V52 (850kW), are rigorously Magnaflux tested for quality and performance. Choose these shafts for enhanced wind energy output.

Vestas V52 main shaft

Main shaft Vestas V52 850 kW – Magnaflux tested.

The main shaft for Vestas V52 850 kW, subjected to Magnaflux testing, offers a reliable and efficient solution for your wind turbine. Count on it for sustained power production.

Wind Turbine Main Shafts: Refurbished Solutions

We provide solutions for both refurbishment and sourcing of wind turbine main shafts. Whether you’re looking to refurbish a main shaft in our workshop in Herning, or you’re looking for a replacement component, we’re the perfect turbine partner for you. We provide a variety of different brands and models of wind turbine main shafts, such as:

Nordex, Bonus, NEG-Micon, Vestas and Siemens.

When you choose us as your solution provider, you’re guaranteed both high quality and reliability, no matter the solution. This commitment to quality and reliability extends from components refurbished in our own workshop, and all the way to components sourced through our suppliers.

Our selection of main shafts and other main components is constantly updated. So, in case you can’t find the right main shaft or component for your wind turbines, make sure to use our Component Inquiry Form just to be sure.

High-quality and reliable refurbished main shafts

Refurbishments and refurbished components are WindTech’s core business. That’s why we only use spare parts and components of the highest quality from acknowledged and renowned suppliers. These parts include bearings, bushings, sealings, lubrication, tubes, and more. With this focus on high-quality parts, reliability, and a higher value for our customers, we guarantee you quality main shafts for years to come.

Additionally, all our refurbished or sourced main shafts include a guarantee upon completion of the inquiry or project.

100+ years of combined experience with wind turbines and main shafts

Our WindTech team has over 100+ years of combined experience and knowledge across the wind sector. This expertise guarantees you the best possible solutions no matter which project or main component you contact us regarding.

This means a full solution, whether you’re interested in the refurbishment of your components or acquiring a replacement component.

Customized and tailored solutions – no matter the main shaft or component

No wind turbine main shafts are the same. The solution will always vary depending on the brands and model of the main shaft and the wind turbine. Because of that we always provide a customized solution for your project, to ensure proper handling and execution.

This way, your project or inquiry is processed, handled, and delivered to your exact specifications and no time is wasted during the process.

Didn’t you find the right main shaft?

We unfortunately don’t always have the right main shaft or component in stock. However, we strive to always provide alternatives or investigate whether we can source the component through our suppliers.

So, make sure to send us an email at or give us a call at +45 97 33 33 80, and let’s discuss another potential solution together.