Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Certain components might be sold-out or in-loop

Flender PEAS gearbox for a Bonus 1.3MW

Flender PEAS 4375.5 / 4355.7 gearbox for a Bonus 1,3 mW

The Flender PEAS 4375.5 / 4355.7 gearbox, engineered for the Bonus 1.3 MW wind turbine, ensures efficient power transmission, contributing to optimal wind energy performance.

Flender, Kumera eller Valmet - V27 and V29 gearbox

Flender, Kumera or Valmet gearbox for a V27 or V29 wind turbine

Choose from Flender, Kumera, or Valmet gearboxes, designed for V27 and V29 wind turbines. These gearboxes ensure smooth and efficient power transfer for your wind energy project.

Vestas V52 gearbox LS GPV

LS GPV 305 S1 gearbox for a Vestas V52 wind turbine

The LS GPV 305 S1 gearbox, tailored for Vestas V52 wind turbines, provides precision and durability in power transmission, contributing to sustainable wind energy production.

Nordex 43 Drivetrain

Main shaft Nordex 43 with attached gearbox

The main shaft for Nordex 43, complete with an attached gearbox, ensures the reliable and efficient operation of your wind turbine system. A durable solution for seamless energy production.

NEG-Micon NM52 gearbox

NegMicon NM52 PSC 1052 gearbox for a 950kW wind turbine

The NegMicon NM52 PSC 1052 gearbox, suitable for a 950kW wind turbine, ensures reliable and efficient power conversion, supporting your wind energy endeavors.

Valmet gearbox - Vestas V39/V42/​V44

Valmet 53GHD506 gearbox for a V39, V42 and V44 wind turbine

The Valmet 53GHD506 gearbox, compatible with V39, V42, and V44 wind turbines, offers robust and reliable power transmission for enhanced wind energy output.

Vestas V44 Hansen gearbox

Vestas V44 Hansen gearbox EH55G21S

The Vestas V44 with the Hansen Gearbox EH55G21S delivers a reliable power transmission system, enhancing the performance of your wind energy project.

Vestas V47 gearbox - Valmet

Vestas V47 gearbox – Valmet PLH308 1G

The Vestas V47 gearbox, integrated with the robust Valmet LH308 1G features, offers an efficient and reliable solution for wind turbine systems. Designed for optimal performance, this gearbox delivers superior power transmission, ensuring the seamless operation of your wind energy project.

Wind Turbine Gearboxes: Refurbished Solutions

We offer high-quality refurbished wind turbine gearboxes for medium-sized turbines. With our commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, we specialize in refurbishing gearboxes. We do this by only using premium materials sourced from acknowledged suppliers in the wind industry.

That’s why, our inventory includes a variety of gearbox models, such as:

Moventas, Valmet, Flender, Winergy, Kumera, Lohmann/Stolter, JAKE, Bosch, Bonus, and more.

High-quality and reliable refurbished gearboxes

Basically our core business is refurbishments and refurbished components. That’s why we only use spare parts and components of the highest quality from acknowledged and renowned suppliers. These parts include bearings, bushings, sealings, lubrication, tubes, and more. With our focus on high-quality parts, reliability, and a higher value for our customers, we guarantee you quality gearboxes for years to come.

We stand behind our workmanship by providing full guarantee on all gearboxes and main components refurbished or repaired by WindTech.

Thorough testing and quality assurance

WindTech’s refurbished gearbox undergoes rigorous testing after assembly to ensure peak performance and reliability. Our technicians inspect every gearbox component, ensuring that each part meets our strict quality standards. With us, you can trust that your gearbox is refurbished for optimal performance and longevity.

100+ years of combined experience with gearboxes

Our team utilizes over 100+ years of combined experience in the wind energy sector to bring unparalleled expertise to the refurbishment process. From workshop technicians to project managers, we have the knowledge and skills needed to provide tailored and customized solutions for your gearbox needs.

Customized and tailored solutions for your gearbox

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We prioritize customized solutions that fulfill your exact requirements, whether you’re upgrading an existing turbine or optimizing the performance of your wind farm. Our project managers have worked with customer relations for many years and are able to convey all necessary specifications and input to you, just the way you want it.

Didn’t you find the right gearbox?

Our gearbox selection is constantly updated. So, if you can’t find the exact gearbox you need, make sure to get in touch with us. This way you’re presented with both solutions and alternatives from our project managers.

So, send us an email at or give us a call at +45 97 33 33 80, and let’s discuss potential solutions together.