Wind Turbine Gearbox

Flender PEAS 4375.5 / 4355.7 gearbox for a Bonus 1,3 mW

The Flender PEAS 4375.5 / 4355.7 gearbox, engineered for the Bonus 1.3 MW wind turbine, ensures efficient power transmission, contributing to optimal wind energy performance.

Flender, Kumera or Valmet gearbox for a V27 or V29 wind turbine

Choose from Flender, Kumera, or Valmet gearboxes, designed for V27 and V29 wind turbines. These gearboxes ensure smooth and efficient power transfer for your wind energy project.

LS GPV 305 S1 gearbox for a Vestas V52 wind turbine

The LS GPV 305 S1 gearbox, tailored for Vestas V52 wind turbines, provides precision and durability in power transmission, contributing to sustainable wind energy production.

NegMicon NM52 PSC 1052 gearbox for a 950kW wind turbine

The NegMicon NM52 PSC 1052 gearbox, suitable for a 950kW wind turbine, ensures reliable and efficient power conversion, supporting your wind energy endeavors.

Valmet 53GHD506 gearbox for a V39, V42 and V44 wind turbine

The Valmet 53GHD506 gearbox, compatible with V39, V42, and V44 wind turbines, offers robust and reliable power transmission for enhanced wind energy output.