Wind Turbine Generators

NEG Micon 250/100kW generator – Elin MCT-545 M21 Z7B-9

The NEG Micon 250/100kW generator, equipped with the reliable Elin MCT-545 M21 Z7B-9 technology, is a powerhouse for your wind energy needs. It ensures consistent and efficient power generation.

NEG Micon 750kW generator – Leroy Somer SLSHR 450LR

The NEG Micon 750kW generator, featuring the Leroy Somer SLSHR 450LR, is your key to exceptional wind energy performance. Count on its robust design for dependable power generation.

Nordex 43 drivetrain with a Winergy PEAC 4280.7 gearbox

The Nordex 43 drivetrain, coupled with the Winergy PEAC 4280.7 gearbox, offers a dependable solution for wind turbine power conversion, supporting consistent energy generation.

Vestas V44 Hansen gearbox EH55G21S

The Vestas V44 with the Hansen Gearbox EH55G21S delivers a reliable power transmission system, enhancing the performance of your wind energy project.

Vestas V47 660kW generator – VRCC Leroy Somer (FLSB400LKC)

The Vestas V47 660kW generator, in partnership with VRCC Leroy Somer (FLSB400LKC), offers a cutting-edge solution for wind turbine systems. Trust in its precision and efficiency for sustainable power output.

Vestas V47 gearbox – Valmet PLH308 1G

The Vestas V47 gearbox, integrated with the robust Valmet LH308 1G features, offers an efficient and reliable solution for wind turbine systems. Designed for optimal performance, this gearbox delivers superior power transmission, ensuring the seamless operation of your wind energy project.