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​Your wind turbine repair and refurbishment business partner

​Who are WindTech A/S?

WindTech A/S is a Danish company which has specialized in repairing and refurbishing older wind turbine components since 2005. 

We help our customers reach the full potential of their wind turbine and its components. 

Whether you need to refurbish a gearbox, a main shaft or a whole nacelle - we are here for you. 

With a focus on Danish innovation, quality of our work and reliability, we provide your wind turbine with many years of experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art tools and machinery.​

​Our experience and knowledge

With almost 20 years of experience WindTech has been around the wind turbine market for a long time - and we'd like to offer our services to the United Kingdom market as well. 

We have a wide experience with most models of modern wind turbines and we have worked with several acknowledged businesses on the global market.

Read about our work in Taiwan

​In 2019 we delivered a complete and refurbished Vestas V27 to a Taiwanese university!

The project included the disassembly and complete refurbishment of a damaged nacelle. In addition it also included the transformation from a 50Hz unit to a 60Hz unit. A very challenging and rewarding project.

Read more about WindTechs former projects

Hear what Usman Yousaf had to say about his collaboration with WindTech:


"We ordered the project in December 2018 and received the complete nacelle by March 2019. The whole project has run smooth and we are very satisfied with the result. The wind turbine and the whole project in general have surpassed our expectations. The Vestas V27 has continued to provide invaluable practical uses for our mechanical engineer studies"

Three refurbished wind turbines to Texas, USA

In April 2021 WindTech delivered three refurbished V47 Vestas wind turbines to an onshore wind turbine farm on a behalf of John Hogg. ​

This project included the complete overhaul and upgrade of three 2004 Italian V47 Vestas wind turbines. The project was completed in 8-12 weeks and offered a great challenge for the engineering team at WindTech.


Read more about WindTechs former projects

John Hogg was very pleased with the project. He had the following to say:


"WindTech was great throughout the process. They assisted from all the way from the initial contact was made, through the transportation from Italy to Denmark and all across the Atlantic ocean to the port in Houston. The knowledge and expertise WindTech provided throughout the project has been amazing"

Innovation - Quality - Reliability

When you work with WindTech we ensure the highest quality in our projects.

Innovation - The development and application of cutting edge methods and tools

Quality - Delivering top-notch value for our customers - no matter the scope of the project

Reliability - 100% accountability for your wind turbine components 

​Jørgen Bang Jensen

Sales & Projectmanager at WindTech A/S

Jørgen is one of the original founders of WindTech and worked in the wind industry for over 30 years. Formerly an engineer at Vestas, Jørgen longed to start something of his own. And in 2005 he did.

​Contact Jørgen via e-mail at    jbj@wind-tech.dk

Or reach Jørgen via phone at    +45 23 27 96 81

​Bo Heinze Bennedsgaard

Sales & Project manager

Bo has a long history at Vestas as a project manager. He has a wealth of experience when it comes to facilitating the particular needs of his customers and ensuring top-of-the-line quality for your wind turbines.

Contact Bo via e-mail at    bhb@w​ind-tech.dk

Or reach Bo via phone at    +45 23 65 40 61​

We have the customer in focus

At WindTech, we are always available, whether your challenges are big or small.

With a strong sales team, an extremely experienced production team and a focus on the customer, we offer you the best renovation and repair on the market.

So do not hesitate to contact us - Your wind turbine will thank you.

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