We offer

Repair and refurbishment of Wind Turbine main components.

  • Disassembling of main components,
  • Gearbox/Generator/Main shaft/Yaw system/Hydraulic system/Hub/Blades/Top and Ground Controller
  • Failure analysis
  • Reports for insurance companies
  • Evaluations of failures and damages
  • Refurbishment of parts for reuse
  • Replacement of defect parts
  • Replacement of bearings, gear wheels, shafts etc.
  • Lubricating and oil change
  • Various repair and refurbishment

Specialist in gear box and generator refurbishment:

Gears of all types are precision mechanics, which by repair requires thorough knowledge, care and workmanship to secure maximum lifetime..​

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​We have many years of experience from a large amount of wind turbine and main components.

Phone: 97 33 33 80

E-mail: info@wind-tech.dk