Nacelle refurbishment:

​​WindTech A/S has gained 10 years of experience and know-how regarding refurbishment of complete Nacelles. All hardware is disassembled from the bedframe and everything is cleaned for old grease and oil. Weldings, bolt joints ect are being inspected and all worn parts will be replaced with new. 

WindTech has a large group of suppliers and we only use original high-quality parts, delivered from known and approved suppliers in the wind turbine industry.

The scope of refurbishment are in each case agreed with the customer and can vary from just replacement of bearings in main components, to painting of all mechanical parts, refurbishment of blades, cleaning and painting the tower etc. WindTech A/S are a high flexible company, who can deliver a solution exactly according to our customer wish.

​Our workshop area of 8,000m² and crane capacity of 80 Ton, makes no job either too big or too small for WindTech A/S.  Link to Brochure 

List of Nacelle refurbishments:

  • Vestas: V17, V19, V25, V27, V29, WD34, V39, V42, V44, V47, V52, V66, V80
  • Micon: M450, M530, M600, M750, M1500, M1800, NM43, NM44, NM48, NM52, NTK130, NTK150, NTK300
  • Bonus/Siemens: B150, B300, B500, B600, B1000,
  • Wind World: WW2460, WW2700, WW2920, WW3700, WW4200

Refurbished Nacelle´s are installed in countries like:​

  • USA-Hawaii, Sibiria, Canada, Japan, Italy, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, etc.

Refurbished Vestas V47/660kW:​

​Refurbished Vestas V29/225kW:

​Refurbished Micon M530/250kW

​Refurbished Vestas V27/225kW

Vestas V80 arrival​

2 pcs. Vestas V80 ready for refurbishment​

SWP 2,3MW Nacelle arrives at WindTech​

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​We have many years of experience from a large amount of wind turbine and main components.

Phone: 97 33 33 80