​Gearboxes for sale at WindTech A/S

On this page you will an overview of the refurbished gearboxes that we are selling.

We always aim to have a wide and varied selection.

If you have any question about sold-out or missing components, please contact us at:
Telephone +45 97 33 33 80 or e-mail

V44 Valmet S3GHD506XM

V27 / V29 gear Flender, Kumera or Valmet. Renovated​.​​

​Vestas V52

LS GPV 305 S1

NegMicon NM52 -950kW PSC1052

Bonus 1MW gearbox​ - Flender PEAS 4355.7

Nordex 43 Drivetrain.

Gearbox: ​Winergy PEAC 4280.7

Vestas V44 Hansen EH55G21S

Vestas V47 660kW

Valmet PLH308 1G​

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