Celebrating WindTech’s 15-Year Anniversary

Today we are celebrating WindTech’s 15-year anniversary!

For most companies, October has likely been an ordinary month without much significance. But for WindTech, this month marked the 15-year anniversary of our founder and Technical Director, Jørgen Bang Jensen.

Den tidlige begyndelse af WindTech

October of 2008 marked the beginning of a new era for Jørgen. He had just founded his new company, WindTech A/S, after he left Vestas for new challenges. WindTech provided an array of new opportunities, projects, and challenges for Jørgen. But WindTech also marked a switch towards a new company structure where Jørgen worked even closer to customers, projects, and their turbine solutions.

WindTech started as a supplier to Vestas itself, but over time, WindTech developed its own customers. This included a variety of different services and products in order to cater to a new market in the wind turbine industry. Since then, WindTech has provided both refurbishments, reparationer og sourcing of main components.

In 2021 WindTech was acquired by the Scottish company, Johnston Fuels. The Scottish company was looking to expand into the renewable energy sector. This acquisition marked the end of Jørgens ownership of WindTech. But the purchase also marked WindTech’s entrance into a bigger and varied group. A group that aimed to provide energy across Scotland, England, Denmark, and much of Europe.

WindTech efter 15 års drift

Today, WindTech fields 20+ employees in the WindTech workshop, our CEO and three project managers, where Jørgen sits as the Technical Director. Even though WindTech was acquired by Johnston Fuels in 2021, WindTech has maintained its core values and flat structure. This helps to ensure our clientele high-quality refurbishments and access to 80+ years of combined knowledge and experience.

Commemorating WindTech’s 15-year anniversary and journey

As WindTech commemorates our 15-year long journey, we celebrate both Jørgen and his achievements throughout his and WindTech’s 15-year long journey. We also celebrate all the wind turbine projects, satisfied customers and colleagues that have accompanied WindTech on the journey. From WindTech’s inception in October 2008, marked by Jørgen’s leap into entrepreneurship after leaving Vestas, to its evolution into a key player in the Danish wind turbine market, WindTech’s story is one of continuous adaptation and success.

Mens vi reflekterer over dette betydningsfulde jubilæum, udtrykker vi taknemmelighed over for alle, der har været en del af WindTechs rejse - medarbejdere, kunder og partnere. Skål for 15 års ekspertise og for mange flere år med banebrydende fremskridt inden for sektoren for vedvarende energi.

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